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    National Sorry Day Breakfast 2022

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Link-Up (Qld) will host our Annual Sorry Day breakfast at Orleigh Park, West End commencing at 8:00am on Friday, 27th May 2022. The program includes acknowledgement of country by Deadly Kids, cultural performances, poetry, musical performances, laying of wreath and cake cutting. 

On this site stood the Aboriginal Girls Home ‘Cranbrook House’ a receiving depot for Aboriginal girls to work as domestics.  We remember the women in the home and commemorate Sorry Day each year at this site.  There are many people who are descendants of the women who were in the home and Link-Up (Qld) continually identifies descendants to be included in our Sorry Day event.

A descendant and former guest speaker, Dr Valerie Coombs whose Grandmother along with her young daughter Mable were held at Cranbrook Place Aboriginal Girls Home, described during her speech how life was during their stay and how Mable was taken away from her mother never to be seen again. 

“The sadness of my Grandmothers’ story permeated throughout my life, from my aunties and my mother, I wanted to know how and why this happened. We knew she was looking for her daughter Mable and that she had her earnings stolen by the Protector.”

“Typically, as Aboriginal People we build resilience even as a Colonised People. This is how we have survived, the Spirit of Aboriginality. This is not to say we haven’t suffered and we continue to do so, our Matriarchs have kept us going.”

Micah Projects support our annual event by cooking up a hot breakfast for all to enjoy.

For more information or to RSVP please phone 07 3638 0411 or email contact@link-upqld.org.au 

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