How can we help?

Link-Up (Qld) provides services to reunite Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people affected by forced removal. We carry out research to identify and locate your family members. By doing this, we help to encourage healing and personal growth with the knowledge of who you are and where you come from.

Our services are for Stolen Generations – individuals, families and communities who now have a longing to connect with their heritage after being separated from it. This separation could have occurred through adoption, fostering, removal or institutionalisation carried out under past Australian Government policies.

A person may approach us because they want to learn more about their identity and who they are. Or they want to pass on their culture to their family. They may have already tried searching on their own but with no luck. Or they could simply want closure and to find peace. Whatever your motivations are, you will be welcomed and supported.

With every client, our team will act with respect, sensitivity and hospitality. We know that each person will take something different from their reunion and healing process. Throughout the Link-Up journey, our Caseworkers will be in regular contact, and our Counsellors are available whenever you wish to have a yarn.

Though we try to help anyone who doesn’t know who or where their family is, there are certain eligibility criteria you must meet in order for us to provide our core services.

We provide the following services:

  • Family history research and family tracing to locate family members for the purpose of reunion
  • Assistance for family reunions, return to country, community or graveside reunion
  • Social and emotional support before, during and after a reunion
  • Healing activities e.g. healing camps, support groups, counselling, digital story telling, art and music therapy
  • Referals to other agencies
  • Community events and education sessions

We can’t help you with:

  • Family tracing, family tree research or proof of Aboriginality for people other than Link-Up Stolen Generations clients and their Aboriginality has been established.
  • Native title, land rights, compensation or reparations claims
  • Financial assistance outside our core business services
  • Locating missing persons
  • Relocation
  • Funeral expenses, including gravestones and monuments
  • More than one reunion