How much does a Link-Up (Qld) reunion cost?

Link-Up (Qld) reunions are planned within a specific budget. The size of the reunion and the number of participants depends on the specific budget allocated for the reunion. Link-Up (Qld) covers the cost of all approved reunion expenses.

How long will it take to find my family?

Tracing a client’s family history can be a complex and time consuming process. We let our clients know the process of family can take a few short months to years. Finding family depends on the availability of information on records, there are many organisations who hold records and it takes time to research each case. Our research officers and caseworkers are experienced at utilising a wide range of resources to identify and locate a person’s family. However, it is important to understand that in certain cases we may not find any records. Link-Up (Qld) have a Social and Emotional Well Being counselling team that are available to offer support to clients during this process and after the reunion has taken place.

Finding your family is important to us, Link-Up (Qld) have over 2000 clients who are looking for their family. We ask for your understanding as we respectfully give highest priority to first Stolen Generation people.

How will I feel throughout the process?

We at Link-Up (Qld) understand that you have taken a big step to approach us to help you find your family. We understand that as well as being excited about finding family, there may also be fears and anxieties. The reunion process can be a mixed bag of dips and highs. For this reason, we have a counselling team who you can access if you wish to call or pop in to see to talk about any issues you may want to discuss or explore. We can help with problem solving, or you may wish to come to our community events or be in one of our support groups. We can refer you to people who you may need specialised help with.

Where does the reunion take place?

We take our guidance from our clients, there can be many factors to consider – we travel to communities Australia wide.

Where can I find a JP?

Most local communities have JP’s. You can search for a JP in your area online, visit your local lawyers office, police station or Court House. For more information on what JP’s do and where you can find them, please visit the Queensland Government Justice of the Peace information page here or call 1300 301 147.

Can Link-Up come to me?

Yes, we travel to see our clients where possible.