Bringing family together

If you’ve been separated from your family, we can help. Whether it was you who was separated, or your mother or grandfather, we can help.

You may have recently become curious of your heritage after seeing something on TV or overhearing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people speaking their own language. You may have always felt a deep disconnection from your identity and your culture and tried yourself to locate your family.
No matter your situation, those eligible for our reunions services can have their questions answered and get closure.

Link-Up (Qld) can help to reunite you with your people, a family gravesite, or to your country. We’ve reunited people who have been separated from their family for as much as 60 years.

Our researchers know where to look and what to look for no matter your situation. We have counsellors who can help to support you and case workers whose job it is to understand your journey.

What you gain from the process varies from person to person. Often you may not know how you feel until you first step into your country and are welcomed by your people.

Speak to a case worker today to find your family and yourself.

Family Photo
Family Photo