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Link-Up (Qld) provides services to individuals, families or communities who have been affected by past Australian Government removal policies and practices, including separation through adoption, fostering, removal or institutionalisation. Reunion services are available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over the age of 18.  Link-Up (Qld) prioritises service delivery to first generation clients.


Link-Up (Qld) provides a professional, sensitive, culturally appropriate tracing and reunion service to members of the Stolen Generations in Queensland. Our Caseworkers and Research Officers research all kinds of records to identify and locate your family members. The research process can take anywhere from several months to years depending on your individual case. Throughout the Link-Up journey, our Caseworkers will be in regular contact, and our Counsellors are available whenever you wish to have a yarn.


All Link-Up (Qld) staff value and respect your privacy and trust, and manage your journey with the utmost confidentiality.


 We provide the following services:


Family history research and family tracing to locate family 

members for the purpose of reunion  


Assistance for family reunions, return to country, community or 

graveside reunion


Social and emotional support before, during and after a reunion


Healing activities e.g. healing camps, support groups,

counselling, digital story telling, art and music therapy


Referals to other agencies


Community events and education sessions


      We can’t help you with:


      Family tracing, family tree research or proof of Aboriginality

      for people other than Link-Up Stolen Generations clients and      

      their Aboriginality has been established.  


      Native title, land rights, compensation or reparations claims

      Financial assistance outside our core business services     


      Locating missing persons


      Funeral expenses, including gravestones and monuments

      More than one reunion




      Useful Resources


      Intake Kit, forms, reports, links to related organisations and more.


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      Want to know more?


      Contact Us and one of our friendly staff will talk to you about whether you are eligible to become a Link-Up (Qld) client.

      IMPORTANT ADVICE: This website may contain images and voices of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

      Photos, video, audio and text appearing on this site is reproduced with the owners permission.

      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people using this website are advised that it may contain images and voices of people who have passed.



      To be eligible for Link-Up services, you must be :-


      Over the age of 18 years;


      Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Descent;


      Experienced (or be a descendant of someone who has experienced)

      separation from family and community due to forcible removal, adoption, fostering or institutionalisation due to past government policies or practises.



      Right to complain


      Clients have the right to raise their concerns with the relevant

      funding body or a complaints agency, if they are not satisfied with the organisation's course of action. 

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